12 Pictures Of Happy Mother Dogs With Their Puppies

For a mother dog, there is nothing better than seeing her pups born healthy, and grow up happy. And as everyone may already know that happiness is contagious, the picture of a happy mother dogs with her puppies is sure to make everyone feel happier. Here are 12 pictures of happy mother dogs with their puppies.

#1 – “My foster mama Ellie had her babies yesterday – apparently she came with a whole lab sampler pack!”

Credit: DisgruntledPlebian

#2 – “This proud Pibble mama and her sweet pups made my day ❤️

Credit: Dangerous_Upstairs

#3 – “Perfect family picture”

Credit: vladgrinch

#4 – “Last week she gave birth to 8 babies in a shelter. Last night she got her own room, with her own bed and all the cuddles! She’s one proud mom!”

Credit: sfreeman8875

#5 – “Proud Mom Moment”

Credit: aussiesdoingthings

#6 – “Like mother, like son…and daughter…and son…and daughter…and…”6 – “Like mother, like son…and daughter…and son…and daughter…and…”

Credit: stengebt

#7 – “Mother very pleased with her pups”

Credit: 1Apart

#8 – “very proud golden mama”

Credit: commonvanilla

#9 – “Proud Mommy!”

Credit: ledasg

#10 – “Proud mama! 9 golden retriever/rough collie puppies born this Saturday.”

Credit: Lyin-fish

#11 – “Our dog just had 9 puppies and she is ecstatic!”

Credit: joshborup

#12 – “Proud mother doggo”

Credit: red93093

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