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Sandra Moyer and Janet Cullen Ragno, authors of “Cranston Revisited” and “Cranston Through Time” spent last Saturday afternoon presenting their two books to an audience at the Central Library.

“Cranston Revisited” features old photos along with captions describing how people lived, worked, traveled, worshiped, studied, played and were ruled throughout Cranston’s history. Meanwhile, “Cranston Through Time” blends old images of buildings and landmarks in the various towns that make up Cranston with modern images of what is now found in the same places.

Moyer and Ragno shared the challenges they faced while working on the first book and how they overcame them while writing the second book. After the presentation and a fun quiz, the authors put copies of the books on sale. (Photographs by Steve Popiel)

Author: Hardeep Singh

With over 2 years of experience in the field of journalism, Hardeep Singh heads the editorial operations of the Elite News as the Executive Writer.

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