Sunday, June 4

Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell are the next contestants on ‘washed athlete boxing’

In the latest installment of “washed athlete boxing,” Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell are about to set up a fight, according to TMZ Sports.

The fight is planned to be part of YouTuber Austin McBroom’s “Social Gloves” card, taking place at Arena in Los Angeles on July 30. Until this point, the world knew that Bell planned to pursue boxing. but his opponent was unknown; now all signs point to the 37-year-old Peterson playing that role.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why someone would jump into a sloppy, dumb fight like this, because we all love money. Still, it’s a bit strange that two racers who earned $103 million and $45 million in their careers respectively, while suffering from years of potentially traumatic brain injuries, would compete in a sport that revolves around traumatic brain injuries.

This is never going to end until people stop caring. Every few months we’ll have a boxing event headlined by two random YouTubers, who make beef online to use tribalism so they can trick their subscribers into fighting for them online, arguing and watching, all while laughing at the amount of money they are accumulating. Then, in an effort to diversify the card, they will bring in two old athletes who have no business in boxing, but will bring a different destination show.

Then, when the dust settles, the next boxing event features a young YouTuber against an old athlete, where tribalism can start all over again, this time generationally. The hustle is spectacularly simple, but hey, it still works.

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