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Before Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi’s “epic” make-up sex in Nigeria, she actually made a big point.

Angela had driven TF crazy because he had Instagram, accusing him of flirting, cheating, and scamming. No proof.

But we have all seen Angela flirt with men on social media. Michael has seen it too.

Now, 90 day fiance fans cry because Angela dances and dances with a young man who is not her husband.

Angela Deem has never given viewers a reason to like her. If she has any kind of redeeming qualities, she hides them too well.

One of his many, many flaws, on the other hand, is hypocrisy. She makes outrageous demands of Michael that she will never make of herself. Angela doesn’t think she has to.

So fans of the franchise are sadly not surprised to see The Cat’s Meow video. A video that we have converted into GIFs.

Angela appears to be dancing with a much younger man, who is not her husband, in the New Orleans establishment.

She was there for a meet and greet, a live performance, and of course photo sessions with fans and onlookers.

Sometimes “celebrities” strike funny poses with fans. Very few will dance provocatively (or aggressively).

We hope that this extremely bossy dance was spoiled by Angela’s dance partner.

(We’re not sure why, but some people will swim with sharks just for the novelty. It might take more courage to attend a meet and greet with Angela, though.)

But truth be told, the fans’ outrage has less to do with this young man and more to do with Angela’s blatant hypocrisy.

Angela has yelled at Michael. She has yelled at him.

We watched in horror as Angela flew across the ocean, surprised him at his house, and wrecked his car.

For cheating? No. By imaginary deception. All because the man has a public Instagram.

Meanwhile, when Michael tried to commit, Angela shot him down. She suggested that if he deletes her Instagram, she might as well.

Angela, furious, told him that she can be trusted, but he is not. (Actually, she called it “unreliable”, but whatever)

In other words, you can set any rules and limits for Michael. If he defies her, he must not love her. But she you don’t have to make any concessions for him.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Fans were quick to comment on Angela’s blatant double standards.

Not just on the show, but in regards to their flirty little dance in New Orleans.

Several commenters even pointed out that if Michael had danced with a young woman like this, Angela would be wrecking his car. Or worse.

You might be wondering what would happen if Angela and Michael finally broke up, which means this isn’t hypocrisy in action.

That is certainly possible.

But if you’re thinking that they broke up while the production was filming season 7 and stayed that way, we’ve got news for you.

Late this summer, months after filming for Season 7 wrapped, a fan spotted Angela and Michael together.

The two somehow seemed happy together, despite everything.

(We know the show’s editors will cut out the happy moments and focus on the drama for some couples, but still)

Author: Chandan Prasad Sahoo

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