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Target gives annual donations to LGBTQ group pushing wake-up policies in school districts

REVEALED: Target has donated $2.1 million to the LGBTQ group pushing school districts to allow kids to secretly change genders as 9BN is wiped off its value in backlash over trans clothing range.Target is partnering with an awakening education lobby group despite severe backlash to its recent LGBTQ marketing campaignThe brand is a donor to the GLSEN group, which pushes for policies including allowing children to secretly transition without parental consent.By Will Potter for Dailymail.Com Published: 08:47 EDT, May 26, 2023 | Updated: 09:11 EDT, May 26, 2023 Under-fire retailer Target has been funding a radical education group pushing for school wake-up policies despite strong backlash ove...

23-Year-Old Wrestler Nearly Loses His Leg When A Freak Bruise Turns Out To Be A Flesh-Eating Bacteria

A college wrestler nearly lost his leg after a bruise on his left shin turned out to be a flesh-eating bacterial infection.Peyton Robb, 23, tried to ignore "feeling bad" at a wrestling competition in March like a stomach virus and "be tough" like a wrestler.But he collapsed, vomited and was left shaking after a game, prompting his concerned parents to rush him to the hospital.Doctors initially ruled out the University of Nebraska-Lincoln wrestler's bruise as a common infection. But when his leg turned red, swollen and extremely painful, he was re-diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, a rare bacterial infection that rots away flesh.There are fears that Mr Robb was infected when bacteria on a wrestling mat entered through a cut or scratch on his leg and then overwhelmed his immune system, b...

President Zelensky say Bakhmut is NOT occupied by Russia

Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky says Russian troops are in Ukraine's eastern city of Bakhmut but he insists it is 'not occupied' - amid conflicting reports.Answering questions from the media at a press conference following the G7 leaders' meeting in Hiroshima, Japan, Mr Zelensky was asked whether the battle for the city was still ongoing and whether its defence was worth all the lives that have been lost.He said: 'We don't have simple questions any more, as well as we don't have simple answers. Because we have a very complicated neighbour, who is a criminal and terrorist, a complicated enemy.'We are keeping young, fighting thanks to the courage of our people, our warriors, and thanks to our cleverness. We are not throwing people to die.'The Ukrainian president said a counter-offensiv...

I am a technology expert. These Silly Mistakes We’re All Guilty Of Killing Your Expensive Devices

You wouldn't buy a nice car and skip oil changes. So why do we treat our technology so badly?If you want your expensive phone, computer, and everything else to last, keep reading.1. You are always connectedDon't fall into the (bad) habit of plugging in your phone when the battery is not full.Apple says that battery health can be affected when your iPhone "remains on a full charge for extended periods of time."The same advice applies to Android. Samsung says not to leave your phone connected to the charger for long periods of time or overnight. Are you charging your phone wrong? Huawei says: "Keeping the battery level as close to the middle as possible (30 percent to 70 percent) can effectively extend battery life."The official word is to keep your phone charged, but not fully ch...

Three dead, two wounded in shooting at a Kansas City bar

Three dead, two wounded in shooting at a Kansas City bar The shooting occurred at the Klymax Lounge in Kansas City, Missouri, shortly before 1:25 a.m. Sunday.One person died inside the bar; another died outside the building and a third died after being rushed to hospitalTwo other people are being treated at the hospital, one was in critical condition and the other in stable condition. By Emma Hobley for Dailymail.Com Published: 08:21 EDT, May 21, 2023 | Updated: 08:57 EDT, May 21, 2023 Three people have died and two others are hospitalized after a shooting at a bar in Kansas City, Missouri, early this morning.The shooting occurred at the Klymax Lounge on Indiana Avenue shortly before 1...

Humanoid robot funded by ChatGPT is already working as a security guard

A robot which could work as a nurse or barman, and which can pick up objects with its human-like arms is already at work in the U.S., the CEO of a company funded by OpenAI, maker of ChatGPT has revealed. Speaking exclusively to DailyMail.com, Bernt Bornich, CEO and founder of 1X, says that his company’s humanoid EVE robot has been working since April this year - and that it is going ‘better than we thought.’It's the first truly humanoid android to find a place in the workplace in human history - outpacing Elon Musk's hyped Tesla robot. At present, the robot is working as a security guard at two industrial sites: unlike other security robots, it has a head, a face, two arms, and can navigate autonomously.   Bornich with EVE - 10 robots are being produced every month (1X) Pic...