Tuesday, November 28

Author: Dilip Kumar Sharma

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Trans skier took top spot in California women’s race – as competitor’s dad hits out at result

A trans woman has been crowned state champion in a California-Nevada high school ski race - prompting the father of one of her competitors to say boys who have gone through 'male puberty' shouldn't compete against girls. June Watterson, who goes by she/her pronouns, ranked number one in the High School State Champions women's slalom race at the California-Nevada Interscholastic Ski & Snowboard Federation (CNISSF) state finals for ski athletes.Watterson, who is currently a sophomore at Davis Senior High School, took first place in the women's heat on March 6 with a combined result of 1:08.29 - beating Carlie Chandler, who came second, by 17 seconds.The concerned parent spoke to DailyMail.com exclusively but asked to remain anonymous - noting that others who have spoken out against trans...

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates’s younger Russian ‘lover’ and her links to notorious Kremlin spy Anna Chapman

Two young women stride along a New York street, barely breaking step to flash smiles at the camera. One of them is slightly out of focus but her face - and the face of her friend - is unmistakable. Chillingly so.The woman on the right is Russian bridge player Mila Antonova, the woman alleged this week to have been the former lover of billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates - as well as an associate and financial beneficiary of the late financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.What makes this photograph sensational, however, is the presence of the flame-haired woman on the left. She is none other than notorious Moscow spy Anna Chapman.This week, a world exclusive investigation by the Daily Mail has uncovered a potentially disturbing and unexplained link between Gates' erstwh...

DeSantis says you’re more likely to get shot in Chicago than get a good education

Ron DeSantis contrasts his education-related policies in Florida with those of other jurisdictions, saying that liberal enclaves have more crime than educational excellence.The Florida governor, in his first remarks since announcing his 2024 presidential campaign, said children are more likely to get shot than get a good education in Chicago and spoke out against "injecting gender ideology into school primary".He also blasted critics who claim he has enacted a book ban in Florida, saying it is a "hoax" concocted by liberals.The 2024 candidate praised his policies that allow for curriculum transparency so parents can challenge what is taught or distributed to their children in Florida public schools."Part of parental rights means that you have the right as a parent to have transparency in t...

Texas girl who was born in prison will attend Harvard in the fall after graduating third in her class

A girl from Texas, who was born in prison, will attend Harvard after graduating third in her class. Sky Castner, 18, of Montgomery County, was born in the Galveston County Jail, as her mother was incarcerated at the time of her birth. Her father would pick her up from the county jail and raise her as a single parent. "I was born in prison," reads the first line of his Harvard application letter, which he worked with a Boston University professor to write. "He helped me tell my story in the best way possible," she told the Houston Chronicle. Despite his rocky beginnings, Castner will graduate third in his class from Conroe High School, north of Houston, and will attend Harvard in the fall to study law. Sky Castner, 18, of Montgomery County, was born in the Galveston County Jail, a...

Melissa Gilbert, 59, spent the night in the ER, cellulitis diagnosis

Melissa Gilbert of Little House On the Prairie fame spent the night in the emergency room in New York on Thursday after suffering from an insect bite that left her with an abscess and cellulitis.The 59-year-old actress, who famously quit the bright lights of Hollywood in order to move to a remote cabin in upstate New York back in 2018, took to Instagram to post a photo of her hand with an IV in it, as well as an image of the swollen bite.In the accompanying caption, Melissa revealed that she had been bitten by an unknown 'flying insect' - although she noted it was not a wasp or a bee - two days ago and that her arm immediately began swelling up, prompting her doctor and husband, Timothy Busfield, to urge her to rush to the ER. 'A Public Service Announcement: Well that was a fun night in th...