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Emirates A380 premium economy cabin interior – so good it beats business class on some airlines

Men in crisp white shirts tap on their laptops, immaculately dressed cabin crew greet passengers by name, and glamorous women in bright red lipstick snap selfies while lounging in their cream leather seats.I feel a bit undressed when I board the Airbus A380 plane in jeans and white tennis shoes. In fact, this premium economy cabin has such a business-class feel that I'm compelled to check with the cabin crew manager if giant seat 37A is mine.'Yes, Mrs. Sime,' comes the reply, leading me back to my throne and offering to take my jacket.I'm traveling from Heathrow Terminal 3 to Dubai International Airport aboard Emirates' new premium economy cabin. My window seat is furnished in cream and beige leather, with large window spaces to place my two bags and a walnut-finished side cocktail table...

From being SACKED to refusing to get her ears pierced… intriguing facts about Queen Camilla

There are few people under greater scrutiny than Queen Camilla - something she has had to get used to ever since her relationship with Charles became public knowledge.Even so, she is more colourful, and with a wider range of interests, than most us have bargained for. Did you know that Camilla is a Wordle devotee, that she still takes ballet lessons - or that she was once fired after a late night out (and a late start at work?)Here, the Mail's new Royals section reveals some essential - and intriguing - facts about the newly crowned Queen, from her hidden talents to her top tipple...She is the eldest of three children Camilla is the eldest of three children. She is pictured with her late brother, Mark, her sister, Annabel and her late mother, RosalindCamilla shares a close relation...

Heartwarming names by which Prince William, Kate Middle and their children are called

From 'Mignonette' to 'Mama': the touching names for each other that show William, Kate and their young children are truly family first and foremost.The coronation celebrations gave a rare insight into Welsh family life. READ MORE: For the latest Royal news, photos and videos, click hereby Ffion Haf Published: 03:19 EDT, May 27, 2023 | Updated: 04:26 EDT, May 27, 2023 George, Charlotte, and Louis may be royals, but they're kids nonetheless.And their parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, could be our future King and Queen, but they're parents first. We got a rare glimpse into their family dynamic just two days after the Cprayer, when William and Kate, along with their three sons, visit...

Incredible map reveals the ways of the WORLD

From Great St Bernard Pass in Italy to the North Coast 500 in Scotland, there's nothing like hitting the road for an epic ride.But have you ever wondered how many roads there are on the entire planet?At least 13 million miles (21 million kilometers) of roads cover the world, from major highways to country lanes. To help visualize how much ground these roads cover, Adam Symington of PythonMaps created an amazing map for Visual Capitalist, showing the world's roads, by continent. Surprisingly, the map reveals that more than 14 percent of the roads are in the US, while 1.24 percent are in Great Britain. To help visualize how much land roads cover, Adam Symington of PythonMaps created an amazing map for Visual Capitalist, showing the world's roads, by continent. To create...

Putin officials blame British Storm Shadow missiles for devastating Mariupol attack

The Kremlin has blamed Britain's Storm Shadow missiles for a devastating long-distance attack on war-torn Mariupol as Ukraine mounts a fight against its Russian occupiers.The once fiercely defended Ukrainian city, now in Russia's Donetsk sector, reported two missile attacks on Friday, where a months-long siege early in the war left much of the city in ruins.Two successive attacks hit the besieged city, one of them reportedly hitting the Azovstal steel works, where Ukrainian forces once fought to fend off Russian attack.The state Kremlin news agency Tass quoted an unnamed official as saying the missiles were long-range Storm Shadows, which Britain delivered to Ukraine earlier this month.Britain delivered the Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine earlier this month. The long-range missiles mean ...