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‘My dearest child screamed for her life… and her father died of a broken heart’: Reeva Steenkamp’s mother reveals her agony to Oscar Pistorius parole hearing as the Blade Runner killer learns TODAY if he will be freed

The mother of murdered Reeva Steenkamp today told the parole hearing set to grant freedom to Oscar Pistorius that the killer had robbed her of her ‘dearest child and her heartbroken husband'.June Steenkamp said she did not know a single person who believed he did not deliberately shoot her daughter. Blackburn-born Mrs Steenkamp delivered a powerful victim impact statement saying: ‘My dearest child screamed for her life.’Mrs Steenkamp, who was recently widowed, said she believed Reeva’s father Barry died from a broken heart in September after ten years of grief.She was making her final address to her daughter’s killer today and said he had destroyed Reeva’s life and her own as well and sent her husband to his grave without Pistorius giving him the truth, despite his pleas. June Steenk...

Thugs fly a helicopter over ‘uncontacted’ Brazilian tribe and shout insults at them – before indigenous warriors fire ARROWS at them

The helicopter flew over the Moxihatetea tribe's settlement in northern BrazilBy James Callery Published: 06:54 EST, 17 November 2023 | Updated: 05:20 EST, 18 November 2023 This is the moment thugs flew a helicopter over an uncontacted Brazilian tribe and shouted insults at them - before the indigenous warriors fired arrows back at them. The helicopter passed over the settlement of the isolated Moxihatetea tribe in Yanomami territory in northern Brazil on Friday.As the aircraft hovered at a low altitude above a circular settlement passengers could be heard shouting insults as the tribe members stood in the centre.They retaliated by shooting arrows at the helicopter, according to reports.One of the...

Israel-Hamas war RECAP: EU calls for ‘meaningful’ pauses in Gaza fighting as Palestine asks for aid to be ‘parachuted’ into the region

By Rachael Bunyan and Elena Salvoni Published: 02:30 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 03:05 EST, 14 November 2023 Advertisement Breaking: Gaza death toll rises to 11,240, Hamas-run health ministry saysThe number killed in Gaza has risen to 11,240 since the start of the war, according to the territory's Hamas-run health ministry.The toll includes 4,630 children and 3,130 women, according to the authority's spokesperson.VIDEO: IDF divers find 'underwater Hamas weapons'The IDF says it found 'dozens of weapons and military devices' during underwater searches carried out by navy divers.'During searches conducted by the Unit for Underw...

Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf confirms his wife’s parents are among 92 Brits who escaped Gaza today as he says it is the end of ‘a living nightmare’ for the family

Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf confirmed his parents-in-law are among 92 Brits able to leave Gaza this morning, ending a weeks' long 'living nightmare' for the family.Elizabeth El-Nakla and her husband Maged – the parents of Mr Yousaf's wife Nadia - were trapped when Israel laid siege to the territory following the October 7 Hamas terror attack on Israel, in which the group killed 1,400 people.The couple - who are from Dundee - travelled to Gaza to visit family prior to the conflict erupting. Since then, Israel has unleashed a ruthless bombardment on the territory, killing thousands of civilians as it targets Hamas terror cells. There have been serious concerns for their safety, with Mr Yousaf last week taking to social media to say they had lost contact with them amid a telecommunic...

Kidnapped Shani Louk is dead, her family announces, three weeks after she was abducted by Hamas terrorists at Nova festival and paraded on the back of a truck

Kidnapped Shani Louk's family have announced that she is dead, three weeks after she was abducted by Hamas terrorists at the Nova electronic festival and paraded on the back of a truck. Louk, 22, was kidnapped from Israel to Gaza by Hamas terrorists on October 7 from the festival near Kibbutz Reim. Hamas gunmen took at least 200 hostages and killed about 1,400 people during the dawn raid.  For more than three weeks, Louk's family prayed that the German-Israeli could be saved from the terrorists.But Louk's mother and sister today announced that she was dead.'Unfortunately we got the news yesterday that my daughter is no longer alive,' mother Ricarda said on RTL/ntv.  Shani Louk, 22, was kidnapped from Israel to Gaza by Hamas terrorists on October 7 from the Nova music festival near ...

EXCLUSIVE: British model who flaunted his jet-set lifestyle on social media is jailed for seven years in Peru after trying to smuggle out £300,000 of cocaine

A British male model who flaunted his jet set lifestyle on social media has been jailed for nearly seven years in Peru after being caught trying to fly out of the country with £300,000 worth of cocaine.Londoner Modou Adams wowed his thousands of social media fans with his trendsetting looks and VIP globetrotting under the self-styled moniker of 'boywholives' in a show of excess branded by authorities as a front for his criminal activities.His apparent world of glamour today lay in tatters after he confessed to being a drug trafficker and was told he now faces the next six years and eight months in a hellhole South American jail.Adams, 25, was held at Lima's international airport as he tried to check in for a flight to London via Paris with almost three kilos of cocaine in his suitcase.He w...

Israel Palestine news RECAP: Israeli defence minister tells troops they will soon see Gaza ‘from the inside’ amid fears ground invasion is imminent

By Elena Salvoni and Rhiannon James and Summer Goodkind Published: 03:02 EDT, 19 October 2023 | Updated: 20:52 EDT, 19 October 2023 Advertisement Biden declared it is 'vital' for Israel and Ukraine to succeed in their warsPresident Joe Biden declared it is 'vital for America's national security' for Israel and Ukraine to succeed in their wars, making the case Thursday night for deepening U.S. involvement in two unpredictable foreign conflicts as he prepared to ask for billions of dollars in military assistance for both countries. If international aggression is allowed to continue, Biden said in a rare Oval Office address, .conflic...

Flames of fury: ‘Day of jihad’ sparks fears of wider regional conflict after huge numbers of Muslims protest against Israel’s bombardment of Gaza across the Middle East

Anti-Israel protests have been held in a 'day of jihad' across the world today after former Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal demanded thousands of Muslims take to the streets to demonstrate amid the ongoing conflict. Tens of thousands of Muslims demonstrated Friday across the Middle East in support of the Palestinians and against the intensifying Israeli bombardment of Gaza, underscoring the risk of a wider regional conflict as Israel prepares for a possible ground invasion.From the typically sedate streets of downtown Amman in Jordan, to Yemen's war-scarred capital of Sanaa, crowds of Muslim worshippers poured into the streets after weekly Friday prayers, angered by devastating Israeli airstrikes on Gaza that began after the militant group Hamas launched an unprecedented surprise attack on Isr...

Israel Palestine war RECAP: Rishi Sunak joins France and America in condemning Hamas as terrorists in rare joint statement after visiting Synagogue while thousands of Palestine protesters march through London with three arrests

By Elena Salvoni and Iwan Stone Published: 02:36 EDT, 9 October 2023 | Updated: 21:00 EDT, 9 October 2023 Advertisement Follow MailOnline's liveblog here for all updates on the war between Israel and Hamas militants after terrorist fighters launched an unprecedented attack on the Jewish nation on Saturday.Pictures show Islamic Jihadists in Gaza parading weapons before attack on IsraelPro-Palestine protesters encircle police on Kensington High StreetThree arrests after events in central London, Met Police sayThree people were arrested in London on Monday night who were involved in demonstrations following Hamas' attack on Israel.Th...