‘Big’ star says his family kept him from becoming a spoiled child actor

David Moscow says his family set a lot of “boundaries” so that he was never too “big” for his panties.

The actor, who landed the role of young Tom Hanks in “Big” at age 12, wasn’t too spoiled by the experience.

“My parents were very aware of what was going on,” Moscow, 47, tells Page Six, “and I had a lot of rules, a lot of limits. “If I wanted to keep acting, I needed to get A’s in school and that sort of thing.”

david moscow
David Moscow reveals how he didn’t become a spoiled child star.
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Moscow, who grew up in New York City, adds: “I think they protected me from a lot of craziness because growing up in the city can be crazy. You get on the subway at 8 am, you don’t come home, until, you know, 7 at night. Lots of trouble can happen there!

The “Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane” star also shares that any female attention she received at that age was ignored.

“At 12, you don’t really know what (to do) with girls,” he jokes. “You know, they might like you, but you’re like, ‘What? What do we do now?'”

And all the extra attention she might have gotten from starring in the hit sitcom was lost on her school.

scene of "Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane."
Moscow also starred in the series “Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane.”
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“I went to school in Harlem,” he explains. “If you weren’t a basketball player on the basketball team, they didn’t really care. So, in a way, that was great too. I was low-key at my high school.”

Moscow is currently promoting his new book, “From Scratch: Adventures in Harvesting, Hunting, Fishing, and Foraging on a Fragile Planet,” which he co-wrote with his father, Jon.

a scene from "news".
Moscow appeared alongside Christian Bale on “Newsies.”
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In it, he recounts four years spent on global culinary adventures that included milking a water buffalo in Italy, harvesting oysters in Long Island Sound, and extracting honey from wild bees in Kenya.

Initially, the “Newsies” star says she was “looking for a kind of connection between people…everyone is connected through food,” but she soon realized that researching how food is produced is also “a take a look at what’s going on with respect to the environment. Particularly around overfishing and climate change.”

David Moscow.
Moscow co-wrote “From Scratch” with his father, Jon.

Moscow says the book is “very funny” but also has a serious side.

“There are a lot of amazing discussions in the book about people doing things right,” he says.

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