Bruce Bozzi launches crime show ‘Murder on the menu’

Former Palm restaurateur Bruce Bozzi seeks to tell culinary crime stories from restaurants in New York.

We spotted Bozzi shooting a sizzling reel on Mulberry Street in New York’s Little Italy neighborhood, and he told us it’s for a new show he’s pitching with Hudson Media tentatively titled “Murder on the Menu.”

“I want to tell the stories of five great successes that have happened in steakhouses in New York: what happened at Sparks, Rao’s, Umbertos Clam House,” he told Page Six.

Bozzi said he came up with the idea after he was approached by longtime friend and TV veteran Michael Rourke about developing a show in “the essence of Bruce.”

“I love New York. I love steakhouses. True crime married to food seemed like a natural symmetry to me,” he told us.

In his mind, “I want to tell the stories of infamous mobsters who were eliminated, what is the connection [between] Steakhouses, Food and Italian Culture of New York”.

Bozzi is certainly no stranger to the New York restaurant scene. His family immigrated to the United States from Italy nearly a century ago and opened The Palm at Second Avenue and 45th Street in 1926.

He worked for the “four-generation steakhouse” for 35 years until a bitter family dispute forced his family to sell.

bruce bozzi
Bozzi worked for his family’s restaurant for 35 years before they were forced to sell.
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“I was sorry. It was a great patriarch of my family that died in 2020,” he told Page Six.

“I miss him, but I’m also very happy and all these other opportunities are coming.”

Bozzi has since launched her Mujen spirit with her friend Sondra Baker.

While he waits for a network to pick up “Murder on the Menu,” he will launch his “Table for Two” podcast on iHeartRadio on December 13. She told us that she already has “my first eight guests,” including her best friend. Andy Cohen.

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