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Little people, big world.

Great casting news.

According to a source close to the production of this long-running reality show, Caryn Chandler will NOT return if the show is renewed for a 25th season.

For what reason?

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff sit next to each other here, speaking to the camera in an episode of Little People, Big World.

She’s just fed up with all the drama that has been surrounding her boyfriend’s family for the past few months.

“Matt really wants another season, but Caryn is completely fed up,” this source told the aforementioned outlet, adding:

“She thinks there’s too much disagreement with what they want to say and do on air, and too much family drama. She feels that she is the one who is always caught in the middle trying to mediate.”

Matt, Caryn and an ax
Wow, Matt Roloff! The Little People, Big World star is here with Caryn Chandler…and an axe.

Chandler worked as a clerk at Roloff Farms years ago, before beginning an affair with Matt Roloff.

The couple have been together for years…with strong speculation that Matt will propose to Chandler before the end of this year.

Meanwhile, in May, Matt put 16 acres of his property up for sale, causing quite a bit of controversy in the process because his children felt slighted by the decision.

Shortly after his father made this shocking announcement, Zach Roloff shocked social media users when he called Matt a coward.

Matt Roloff has taken his farm off the market. As you can see here, the property is now available to rent.

Tagging his father directly, Zach wrote at the time: “This post is extremely wrong and untrue. My dad is manipulating the narrative right now before [Season 23] goes out”, continuing later:

“Again, as you have done for most of your life, not taking responsibility for your own actions and blaming others.

“Dragging the family drama that he created and then manipulating the fanbase to get it right.

“This post is a shocking new low of cowardice and manipulation of his family and children for his own benefit.”

Matt and Zach Roloff on air
Matt and Zach Roloff don’t get along in 2022. They have clashed over the future of the family farm.

There has been a major feud between family members ever since Zach called his father this way.

Amy Roloff, for example, has criticized her ex-husband for the way he handled the sale of their farm, while there is clear tension between Matt and almost everyone else in his family.

“Caryn and Tori are definitely not as close as they used to be,” the Sun’s source explained. “And the dispute between the children has been a lot.

“Caryn is ready for Matt to give up the farm so they can go to Arizona and retire.

“That would be his dream scenario, but it hasn’t been decided yet if Matt is okay with it.”

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff confess
Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff laugh in this confessional from Little People, Big World.

To be clear, Little People, Big World has yet to be picked up by TLC for another season.

However, its final season kicked off on Tuesday night, with Caryn becoming increasingly emotional at the premiere due to the ongoing feud between relatives.

“It’s not fun having this feud between us and Zach and Tori and not being able to see the kids,” she said in a confessional with Matt.

“I’m just trying to be respectful and I’m here. I hope that just… one day we start talking again, something will come up.”

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff in winter
Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff pose here for a photo taken in February 2021.

Chandler, who has NOT personally confirmed the rumors that he will be leaving this series, concluded on air regarding this touchy subject:

“I know that Matt is working on his relationship with Zach, and as that foundation is rebuilt, I think it will be easier for us.

“This has all been very painful, still painful. I miss the kids every day.”

She then took a deep breath before saying shakily, with tears in her eyes, “I just don’t have the tools to fix it.”




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