Cayetana Fernández, jewel of Spanish golf

Cayetana Fernández García-Poggio (Madrid, 17 years old), not even of legal age, has captured the attention of the entire golf scene thanks to a list of winners and feats reserved for a select few.

Ranked 13th in the world amateur ranking, the woman from Madrid is the U-18 world champion, British Girl Amateur runner-up, winner of the Toyota World Cup, historic champion of Spain (she did it at the age of 16), and a long list of accolades. to show that his next destination is the prestigious Texas A&M University in the United States.

Cayetana Fernández, Statements

The great presentation of Cata, as family and friends know it, before professional golf was at the Andalucía Costa del Sol Open in Spain three weeks ago. The country club-trained golfer went to bed on Friday leading the Ladies European Tour Finals after a massive round of 65, the best of the entire tournament.

“I saw that I was first and that I could win, but he told me that it was very complicated. She had negative thoughts, she thought I was very small, not professional… But when I go out on the course I forget about it and try to do my best golf, ”Cayetana recalls to AS.

The pressure ran out over the weekend and she finished fifth, the best Spanish in the tournament and also the best amateur. “Those were impressive days that I will always remember. When I compete, I don’t care what tournament it is or who I’m playing against, I’ll win from day one.

There was nervousness, but as soon as I stepped onto the pitch I felt at home”, explains the man from Madrid. Cayetana, who has been playing golf since she was 5 years old, always grew up linked to this sport. One of her sisters, Blanca, is a fourth year at Texas A & M, the university that now also recruited Cata.

“I always knew that I wanted to go, and my parents wanted us to try to walk together,” says Fernández, who will leave in August for the United States, where he has already rented an apartment where he lives and becomes his sister.

“It’s lucky because she will help me and introduce me to people. We get along very well, although we will probably have a fight between sisters… she is going to be great, we are going to compete on the same team and it comforts me to know that, as I am a little afraid of her. When I’m away from home, I’ll have Blanca by my side”.

Until this new adventure, Cayetana leads a life of sacrifice in the CETEMA of the Madrid Golf Federation. “We are four girls and four boys in the class. In the morning we have three hours of school, then we go to train for three hours, we go back to school for three more classes and we finish the physical preparation.

Listening to it like this still has a certain impact because you’re away from home for many hours, but it’s very well organized and we have a very good atmosphere”, says one Cata, who describes her way of playing as “based on straightness with the drive and capable of making good putts.

Although I am a bit complicated in character. But anger makes me pull out the claw. With dreams of “playing in the LPGA, winning a big one and competing in the Solheim Cup”, the Spanish golf diamond has his next stop on the other side of the pond.


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