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This summer, vicious trolls sent racist messages to Garcelle’s son, Jax. They harassed a 14-year-old boy. He was just evil.

RHOBH Astmate Diana Jenkins has put her money where her mouth is more than once. This time, she came forward to expose the troll behind the campaign.

That was the right thing to do. And at the same time, the trolls seemed designed to frame Diana for her vicious attacks on a child.

Now, Diana has discovered the culprit.

In September, Diana Jenkins filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

She did not know the identity or identities of whom she was suing, listing the defendants as “John Does” and “John Roes”.

But his target was the person or persons behind the hate campaign against Jax. The campaign was based on bots

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Diana Jenkins shared some good news, as a court granted her subpoena request directed at Meta. (Image credit: Instagram)

Some of the sockpuppet bots or accounts introduced themselves as Diana fans, while others named Lisa Rinna or Erika Jayne.

However, in the midst of Diana’s on-screen clashes with Garcelle, suspicion fell on Diana.

She wanted to clear her name and expose the monster or monsters that would use a 14-year-old girl as a pawn.

Keep an eye out for that Instagram handle, “queenofthetea_,” because it’ll show up later.

So if Diana didn’t know who was behind it, how did she sue? The court granted subpoenas from Meta, the parent company of Instagram.

Those citations paid off. Diana identified a person who is apparently responsible for these vicious attacks.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais poses with her young son, Jax Nilon, in this sweet photo.

page six reports that he now knows the IP address and phone number of the apparent culprit.

Both pieces of intelligence point to a Northern California resident. Not a single one of his neighbors or co-stars.

And the information points to the pre-existing Instagram account, @queenofthetea_… an account that Instagram has penalized or whose owner has deactivated it.

Jax Nilon posted a public response on her mother’s account to address the racist bullying campaign against her. She is only 14 years old.

“Diana is committed to seeing this through and unmasking who is responsible and all parties involved,” a source said.

“She also wants to make sure that she shares with the public all the progress that is being made in this case,” the source added.

The insider shared that Diana hopes to keep people up to date “every step of the way.”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Diana Jenkins appears in this promotional photo. (Image credit: Bravo)

As we shared earlier, @queenofthetea_ was an account whose comment was so horrendous that Jax shared it.

“You’d have your neck on your knees if it wasn’t for your white daddy,” he shared the hateful message.

The message continued: “Tell your mom to leave Diana alone or you’ll take care of us.”

As we said, the effort was clearly to stir the pot while framing Diana, and potentially damaging Jax’s emotional, mental, and social well-being.

In terms of framing Diana, it clearly failed spectacularly.

It seems likely that the culprit was not an admirer of hers, but he probably never expected Diana to simply take legal action. Please, she does not coordinate racist bullying campaigns against children. But also… don’t fuck with Diana.

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