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EPEX - Hymn to loveWhen we last heard from EPEX, they were embroiled in a controversy over lyrical content referencing a Nazi massacre. The agency tweaked the lyrics, but this revealed issues with sensitivity and overall global awareness, and that’s putting it mildly. New single Hymn to love (사랑歌) removes any possibility of controversy as the group takes a sharp turn towards lighter material. EPEX’s music hasn’t had much of an impact so far, and this return is another change.

I liked EPEX when they dressed up as vaguely creepy pups last year. make me 4. Apart from that, his music has left me cold. Like many boy groups of their generation, the songs have an undeserved focus on harsh exclamations without the robust song construction to support the attitude. Hymn to love attempt to merge the ends of the group. On the one hand, it’s a sweet little love song. But this concept is entangled in a raucous instrumental and screaming chorus. At its best, the track recalls the offbeat and boisterous energy of Block B.

A memorable series of hooks would have been better Anthemsupports. The chorus almost gets there, especially with the instrumental changes and jitter to satisfy the tension of the performance. I appreciate its originality, but the arrangement would have been better with more brass and less percussion. Every time the song starts, she sabotages herself. The verses are boring and strange, although his LotteryThe -ish synth bass adds a nice texture. As the choir embraces his bombast, Hymn to love it shows great potential, only to be marred by unnecessary vocal effects and an overall sense of messy hustle and bustle. It’s a mess, as frustrating as it is entertaining.

Hands 7
Production 7
Long life 8
Bias 8

Grade: C

Author: Arun Chauhan

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