Eric Cantona, Thierry Henry and Gabriel Jesus star in a hilarious Christmas ad

Eric Cantona, Thierry Henry and Gabriel Jesus star in a hilarious star-studded Christmas parody commercial…while Mason Mount throws a Christmas football scent and West Ham’s Jarrod Bowen and Declan Rice play the role of children!

  • Various soccer stars appear in all three Sports Direct Christmas ads
  • The ads are hilarious parodies of classic holiday themes featured on television.
  • Mason Mount, Declan Rice, Jarrod Bowen and more star in the commercial
  • The parody commercial series officially begins on television on November 4.

A host of soccer’s biggest stars are featured in Sports Direct’s Christmas ad series titled; “Give me football.”

The advertising trio will be featured as part of Sports Direct’s Christmas 2022 campaign, in which some of the biggest names in sport will perform a series of festive skits.

Eric Cantona, Thierry Henry, Gabriel Jesus and Declan Rice are just a few of the star-studded lineup hitting television screens this winter.

A host of the biggest names in football are featured in Sports Direct’s Christmas 2022 campaign

West Ham duo Jarrod Bowen (L) and Declan Rice (R) appear as two children in the series

Legendary football commentator Clive Tyldesley appears in the ad titled ‘Family Dinner’.

The full roster of soccer stars includes Cantona, Henry, Rice, Jesus, Mason Mount, Jarrod Bowen, Emma Hayes, and legendary soccer commentator Clive Tyldesley.

The soccer stars will star in three commercials titled ‘Eau de Footie’, ‘Family Dinner’ and ‘Directa’, which will be released on November 4.

‘Eau de Footie’ features Chelsea Mount and Man United legends Cantona, who are a cheery derivative of the typical scented advertisements shown during the Christmas season.

Mount climbs to the top of a ladder where Cantona is waiting and yells, “Give me football!” before grabbing a pair of Nike boots and smelling them.

Chelsea star Mason Mount (pictured) stars in a spin-off of traditional fragrance advertising

The second, “Family Dinner”, features Cantona, Henry, Jesus, Hayes, and Tyldesley having a Christmas dinner together.

Interactions between the sport’s biggest stars are bizarre, but equally hilarious, as Jesus seeks Henry’s approval before handing Hayes a plate of vegetables. Cantona then refuses to do the same for a confused Henry.

The third and final ad is a parody of the smart home hub ads titled; ‘Straight’.

A mother asks her children if they “want to go out”, to which they respond with cheers. She then asks her “Straight Up” her, in Cantona’s voice, the day’s forecast before replying, “Today’s weather is perfect for…football.”

The camera angle quickly changes and the West Ham duo Rice and Bowen are revealed to be the two children, in a hilarious twist. They continue to fight on their game console as their heads are placed on smaller bodies.

Man United legend Eric Cantona has appeared in every Christmas advertisement.

Launching on November 4, the campaign will be featured on television, social media and in-store screenings with flagship TV ads during the launch of I’m a Celebrity and Gogglebox.

The campaign aims to build on last year’s ‘Go All Out’ campaign, which inspired Britons to get outside and exercise during the Christmas season.

With the World Cup in Qatar just around the corner, the commercial series is sure to get soccer fans in the mood for the iconic tournament.


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