Euro Cross Academy: Men’s Tabor World Cup Junior Journal

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For the next two weeks, Euro Cross Academy riders will write exclusive blogs for VeloNews as they race across Europe.

RCT Magazine #1
October 24, 2022
Driver: ben stokes
Native city: Norwalk, Conn.

The streams of spectators fall silent as the race steward yells with 30 seconds to go. The uncomfortably loud euro-techno music, nearing its climax, captures the tense feeling in the group of even-tempered bikers. But they don’t listen. They are all set to start their first World Cup of the season.

A high-pitched whistle can be heard from the right side of the starting straight. Chaos ensues as the right half of the field starts in full force, fighting for position and using every muscle in their body to accelerate as fast as possible.

Only this whistle does not mean the start of the race. The runners, now halfway down the straight, begin to look at each other as they realize much of the field is still in their stage spots, waiting for the lights to turn green. It is clear what just happened.

False start.

As a cyclocross racer of seven years, this is my first false start. From the perspective of an outside racer, it seems impossible to confuse red lights turning green with any other signal. But inside the grid, I was amazed at how easily I decided to just follow the wheel in front of me, my mind blank of all thoughts except dissipating as much energy as possible, and the butterflies I feel in each line. Starting I roll up to.

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Despite their ill-advised efforts, one has to admire the ferocity and confidence with which the first runners came off the line, determined to be the first to the hole.

It is not uncommon in life to find yourself in a similar situation where you have to choose one path or another. This can certainly apply to larger decisions in life, for example B. how to approach your education or choosing to spend time mastering a skill. But this idea of ​​choosing a path and going with everything you have can be applied to every little decision in daily life.

Do you take the extra time while doing your homework to fully interpret the theme, or do you spend that time surfing social media?

The inspiration for me comes from our crazy start at the Tabor Junior Men’s World Cup. Take a cue from these dedicated drivers and dedicate yourself fully to following the next decision you make, no matter how big or small.

Ben Stokes in action.

Author: Aliahmad

This is Ali Ahmad khan years of experience in the field of journalism, Md Ali Ammad khan heads the editorial operations of the Elite News as the Executive Reporter.

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