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Sometimes it feels good to be right about something you’ve been speculating about for a while.

Other times, not so much.

And unfortunately this time, it’s actually quite painful.

For years, Sister Wives fans have thought that Kody Brown clearly favored his fourth wife, Robyn.

Things have been rocky between Kody and Meri for years, and her relationship with Janelle has always seemed more platonic, something she recently noticed on the show.

And, well, we all know how bad his marriage to Christine was.

Recently, someone on the show started talking about what we’ve all been saying for years: Christine and Janelle have made it clear that they feel Robyn is the favorite wife.

Meanwhile, Kody maintains that he would do like the other wives more if they were more like Robyn, so the problems are their fault, not his.

At this point, we know that Christine has fully divorced him and moved to Utah, and that he and Janelle have been estranged for months.

We saw in sneak peeks to Tell It All that Kody doesn’t think he’s married to Meri anymore, and she acknowledged it; However, we’re not sure where that leaves them exactly, as he also said that he still wanted to make things work. .

So, for all intents and purposes, Kody is in a monogamous marriage with Robyn at the moment.

And Gwendlyn Brown, Christine’s daughter and one of the more outspoken cast members, addressed how that affected the rest of the family in a Q&A on her Patreon page.

One of her sponsors asked her if “anyone besides your mom ever confronted Robyn and Kody about their behavior. Specifically, Kody favoring Robyn and her children?

His response was quite heartbreaking.

“We avoid the subject a lot,” Gwen admitted, “but sometimes one of us breaks down and asks why he chose her over us. Unfortunately, we are not very confrontational here.”

When asked how Kody responded when his own children broke down in front of him about feeling unwanted and unloved by him, his response wasn’t surprising:

“Usually denial.”

Someone asked him if he had ever shown any remorse for causing all this trouble in the family, and if anyone had ever directly confronted him about his preference for Robyn and her children over everyone else.

“Most kids have yes!” she said. “He once responded to one of them like ‘I prefer people who prefer me’ so no regret lol.”

Finally, one person asked Gwen if Kody had been pretending to be a good father at the beginning of the show, or if he really was a dedicated father and something changed.

“I really don’t know, but I think he’s just starting to realize that he prefers his life with Robyn and their kids,” she replied.

How sad right?

Gwendlyn Brown on Instagram

We hope that one day Kody can open her eyes enough to see the damage she has done to her own children.

But honestly, he doesn’t seem to have the emotional capacity for that kind of introspection.

We hope that his first three wives are happy and that all of his children prosper.

What a mess.

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