How is the relationship between Jordan Spieth and his caddy?

There are many reasons why Jordan Spieth is one of the best golfers in the world. First of all, he has immense talent on the golf course and the dedication and drive to rise to the occasion. Second, he uses good equipment. Many fans may overlook the fact that the team has the ability to make or break a golfer.

But perhaps there’s a third reason Spieth and many of his teammates are so good: their caddies. Caddies are not just people who transport things for their golfers. They are often your friends or your advisers. They can even help their golfers win.

Having a good relationship with a caddy is an underrated aspect of golf, but one Spieth understands and appreciates. His caddy Michael Greller is not just an employee, but a friend.

Description of the relationship between Michael Greller and Jordan Spieth

Presidents Cup 2022 – Day Four

Spieth and Greller have one of the most unique relationships in golf. It’s not often that a golfer and his caddy get this close, but these two do. They are often described as being unusually close.

Greller was a math teacher and 15 years older than Spieth when they met in 2011. He was working part-time as a caddy when the golfer arrived at a tournament.

When he turned pro, Greller hoped to spend just a year with him as a caddy and then return to teaching, but Spieth’s rise was meteoric and Greller stayed by his side.

Many times Greller has helped the golfer to play much better. According to Golf Monthly, this was never more true than in 2017 at the Open:

“Michael did a great job. On the seventh hole he said: “Remember that group you were with in Cabo? [with Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps] In the past week? you belong. You are an athlete of this caliber and I want you to believe it now because you are in a great position in this tournament. This is a new tournament. Let’s start over here.’”

Spieth continued, citing how it helped him:

“That changed me a bit mentally. I thought about that as I went through some of those important three-four feet that she had done on sevens and eights and then the 10 feet on 11, 12, and suddenly the lid came off. I thought that was very well said. It was just the right time and I will never forget what he said to me when he said it to me and the meaning of that.”

This type of exchange has happened many times throughout the couple’s career. They have been known to chat constantly during class because they just can’t get enough of each other.

It was truly a match made in heaven, and arguably helped him become one of the most recognizable golfers today.

He is currently the 13th-ranked golfer in the world and would probably attribute much of that to his relationship with Greller.

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