How to Get F1 Live Streaming Online Without Cables

Chinese Alfa Romeo driver Zhou Guanyu L takes part in qualifying for the Formula One Italian Grand Prix at Monza Circuit in September 2022. Photo courtesy: Meng Dingbo/Xinhua/Getty Images

Formula 1 racing is not exactly as well known a sport in the USA as baseball, soccer or NASCAR. However, many people still enjoy it because the events are so exciting to watch. If you’re a new fan interested in watching a race but don’t have cable TV (where these events are normally accessible), you may be wondering if there are alternative ways to watch.

As with other sports, streaming F1 online remains relatively difficult. That’s because various complex contracts dictate which networks can show which sporting events and when. But luckily, there are still some smart ways to opt for a streaming service, while avoiding the costs and deals of cable and satellite providers.

The Walt Disney Company owns the rights to F1 racing in the United States, which means the races can be broadcast on Disney-owned ABC and ESPN. Although ESPN broadcasts many F1 races, you won’t find them all there. However, streaming races on ESPN might be your best bet, especially if you’re a more casual viewer. Here’s a closer look at your options for watching F1 on stream.

F1 television

F1 TV is an ideal choice for die-hard fans of Formula 1 racing. It is a streaming service that offers access to all F1 races around the world. You can also watch past races along with F2 and F3 races. The service even offers content that doesn’t air anywhere else, like behind-the-scenes looks at events.

F1 TV Pro is the main subscription level available monthly or annually (at a significant discount on the monthly price). This gives you access to all live races and race archives. More importantly, you get access to in-car cameras and audio from team radios. This gives you unparalleled views of the races that you really won’t find anywhere else.

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F1 TV also offers a lower subscription option that costs just a few dollars a month. This F1 TV access pack does not give you access to the live races, but you can watch the ones that were broadcast before. This also gives you access to the F1 race files.

The main downside to this streaming service is that you can only stream F1 content, and that’s only a downside if you’re looking for more to watch. There are no other movies or TV shows on the platform, which can make it seem relatively expensive compared to other streaming services.

With Hulu + LiveTV, you can watch many of your favorite TV channels without cable. Unlike on-demand streaming services, Hulu + LiveTV lets you watch like you would on cable. This gives you access to the ESPN networks that take F1 races off the air.

Hulu + LiveTV is one of the most expensive options on the list. However, the price gets you access to two simultaneous streams and also includes access to the Hulu+ and Disney+ streaming services.


ESPN+ offers some F1 races. However, unlike live TV streaming services like Fubo, Sling TV, and Hulu+ LiveTV, ESPN+ does not give you access to live ESPN channels. Instead, select content is available with a subscription. If you have a cable or satellite subscription, you can sign in and access more content.

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ESPN+ is available for less than $10 a month and includes year-round access to a variety of sporting events. There is also behind-the-scenes information on various events. You can even watch documentaries and TV series on your favorite sports topics. ESPN+ can also be bundled with Disney+ and Hulu+ for a discount.

television antenna

A free option to watch F1 races is an antenna. F1 has some races that are broadcast on ABC, a broadcast network for which you only need an antenna.

ABC only airs select races on its broadcast channel, so this is probably not the best option if you want to follow all the races. However, it is a free alternative to paying for a monthly subscription. Check the ABC schedule to see which races are airing and when.

sling tv

Sling TV also offers F1 races to stream on the ESPN networks included in its Orange package. Sling has ESPN 1, 2 and 3, the same live channels you’ll find with a traditional cable subscription. Sling is available on most streaming devices and includes 50 hours of free cloud DVR storage.

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Sling’s Orange package gives you a total of 31 live TV channels. However, if you’re interested in a little more variety, Sling offers its Orange and Blue packs as a bundle. This gives you a total of 47 channels. However, both packages will limit you to one ESPN stream at a time, so keep that in mind.

youtube tv

Youtube TV is another live streaming service that offers F1 races through ESPN. It’s also a relatively expensive option at around $65 per month. However, it includes other benefits; You can watch videos on the YouTube platform without advertising. This is a great option if you watch a lot of content on YouTube but still want live TV.

fubo tv

Fubo is by far the most expensive option – one of its tiers costs almost $100 per month. Like YouTube TV and Sling TV, it offers live access to channels like ESPN where you can watch F1 races. You also get plenty of other channels that usually come with standard cable packages.

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DirecTV streaming

Like other services on this list, DirecTV Stream also offers ESPN channels, which means it has F1 races. Despite having the DirecTV name, you do not need to install satellite or contract to get DirecTV Stream. The service is similar to other live TV providers, which means you want a reliable internet connection. AT&T customers can watch unlimited DirecTV Stream content on their phones since DirecTV Stream has no data caps.


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