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Months ago, Jill Duggar’s recovery from surgery and caring for her and Derick’s new baby kept their family busy.

But Jill is much better now. And although Frederick is still a baby, he is no longer a newborn.

Jill shared a photo of her updated look while enjoying a date night with her husband.

And fans go out of their way to compliment his new look, especially since he’s so break of the Duggar rules.

Jill Duggar shows off her blonde locks and white smile on a 2023 date with husband Derick Dillard. (Image via Instagram)

To celebrate the first week of the New Year, Jill Duggar Dillard took to Instagram to share a photo of a date night.

“We enjoyed family #date night at #doubleRandPgasandgrill the other night,” he began.

Jill gushed afterwards, “We love finding new places and I’m grateful we broke up for some quality family time.”

Jill may have meant this as a simple update on her life, or some sort of promotion for a restaurant she likes.

(We all remember how Jim Bob promoted restaurants, probably for discounts, before his brand became untouchable)

But whatever her intentions, many of her fans and followers focused on her looks. Specifically, on her beautiful blonde hair.

Jill Duggar enjoys time with her youngest son. (Photo via Instagram)

“Jill, you look great!” said one commenter, including a heart-eyes emoji for full effect.

A second fan raved: “I love your hair color! It looks great on you!”

And an additional follower observed that “Your new hair looks great on you.” True!

Jill Duggar blonde again on IG Story (April 2022)

“Your hair looks beyond amazing!” another commenter stated.

This is just a small sample of the praise Jill has received for what fans describe as “amazing” hair.

It’s certainly true: Her blonde locks, which she first received in late 2021 in the midst of her infamous brother’s trial, are stunning.

Jill Duggar with coffee
Jill Duggar ponders over a sip of this hot coffee in this photo of the former reality star. (Photo via Instagram)

That’s not to say that her hair has remained unchanged for over a year since then.

In fact, just last month, Jill’s hair got an update.

He made sure his fans knew he went to the salon, and that his five-month-old son, Freddy, was there to keep him company.

This may seem like a normal compliment to a hairstyle. But with the Duggars, including the cult survivors, there is more.

Simply put, this dye job is yet another way that Jill is defying the extreme edicts of her fundamentalist past.

Are you still quite a fringe conservative in terms of your beliefs? Yes. But she is part of society, unlike the radical beliefs of the abusive cult that defined her childhood.

Duggar women are allowed to alter their hair, mainly because the founder of their cult liked hideous perm jobs like Michelle’s.

But dye it blonde? Well, that’s attention-grabbing, which is “letting down” in their twisted ideology.

If you’re part of a sinister community that sees women as responsible for men’s thoughts and actions, dyeing your hair blonde makes you a temptress. Crazy, we know. This is just one more way that Jill has put distance between herself and that toxic environment.

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