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Last month, Kalani Faagata was packing up her belongings and looking forward to a major relocation.

She and Asuelu Pulaa have been living in Utah.

Although his marital status remains hidden amid divided rumors, the 90 day fiance The couple’s feelings about their placement are no mystery.

Kalani returns to denounce the disgusting racism that she and her family have witnessed and experienced.

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata posted a photo standing with her sons Oliver and Kennedy, acknowledging that she hadn’t posted much recently. (Image credit: Instagram)

Kalani has opened up about racism in Utah. It’s one of the reasons his family is leaving.

(Whether she and Asuelu are looking for two houses in California or just one… well, they don’t say yet)

But this week, a disgusting viral video circulated showing white men in blackface. Guess where they chose to display this symbol of hate?

Kalani shared the video but added her own details, noting that Cedar City, Utah is about 40 minutes away from her.

We have already seen Asuelu become a victim of racial discrimination by the police. We’ve heard Kalani share that her family members have been called the N-word in Utah.

But clearly, this family of Samoan descent are not the only targets of hateful racism. Kalani shared the video, captioning it: “Who knows them?”

Erika Owens, Loren Brovarnik and Larissa Dos Santos Lima are partners 90 day fiance stars and students who intervened.

These are women born in three different countries, coming from three different continents. All sharing the same horror.

Kalani and Loren are from the United States. Larissa is from Brazil. Erika is Australian. Everyone knows that blackface is a blatant display of racism, with a particularly ugly story behind it.

In addition to cast members past and present, a host of fans and commentators spoke out about the display of hate.

“I have so many stories,” Kalani wrote in response to one of these commenters.

“And that’s why I’m getting out of here!” then she announced.

Under Faagata - say what?  (with surprised Kalani Faagata)

Both Kalani and Asuelu have been (separately) promoting their move to California for weeks.

Although her family lives there, Kalani has yet to find a new house where she wants to live.

And he’s moving out in a little over a week. The clock is ticking, and he is even asking his followers to participate.

Last week, Kalani asked fans to let him know if they “personally know of any properties in Southern California.”

That’s an extremely wide area of ​​the nation’s most populous state. 12% of all Americans live in California.

“I just can’t find anything that works. Please help! I am. Stressed, ”she expressed to his followers.

There’s a lot of question as to whether he “pushed” them (as Kalani points out, brought them out) during the Christmas debacle, but at the end of the day, they were making a scene, and if he hadn’t. taking them out would have been much worse.

Kalani was grateful for the DMs and also let people know that her mortgage company may go out of business in three weeks.

But she politely declined suggestions about an agent. she has one

The problem, Kalani explains, is that he’s still looking for a property that “works or feels good.”

Asuelu Pulaa reveals the amount of LOCO money he sent to his mother: Sorry Kalani!

Obviously, questions about whether it will be a three or four person household could help the search.

But Kalani isn’t answering any of them right now.

She and Asuelu are playing shyly. That means they don’t know if they’re breaking up… or 90 day fiance I might have them back soon.

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