Keanu Reeves reveals that the upcoming F1 documentary will cover Jenson Button’s $1.18 championship victory

Keanu Reeves reveals that the upcoming F1 documentary will cover Jenson Button’s $1.18 championship victory

Keanu Reeves reveals that their new F1 documentary will be about Jenson Button’s extraordinary championship win with Brawn GP in 2009.

Never before or since has a team won both the drivers’ and constructors’ world championships at the first attempt but that’s what Brawn GP achieved in 2009.

After Honda decided to withdraw from the sport at the end of 2008, Ross brawn led a consortium that bought the former Honda racing team for just $1.18.

He then led the team to the drivers’ and constructors’ titles against the might of Ferrari, Red Bull, and McLaren. With Jenson Button winning the 2009 F1 World Championship and the team finishing first in the constructor’s championship.

Jenson Button, Ross Brawn, and team CEO Nick Fry have all written books based on their experiences. Thanks to Keanu Reeves, what unfolded in that famed 2009 season will now be immortalized on our screens too.

Jenson Button had previously declared on his social media that a documentary about the historic 2009 Brawn GP season is in the works. With the Disney+ streaming platform acquiring the broadcasting rights to it.

The Hollywood legend who has been a long-time fan of the sport will be narrating the story. With a London-based company North One Television producing the four-part series.

Documentary to cover Button’s unlikely 2009 championship triumph

According to the Matrix star, this Formula 1 documentary he was working on, is in fact, the story of the $1.18 Formula 1 team Brawn GP.

Reeves revealed to The Sun that the series will provide an in-depth look at the circumstances that resulted in Ross Brawn’s hastily arranged team winning the title in its first year of competition.

“Our story is about Honda withdrawing from F1 and Ross Brawn who had joined Honda a year and a half earlier.”

“You’ll know the circumstances that went into that season. The financial crisis. There were redundancies. They didn’t have a lot of finances. They became an independent team.”

“How did they race a world championship? It’s certainly a people story. It’s about passion.”

As part of the filming of the series, Button tried on the Brawn GP race suit that he had created history 13 years ago. Reacting to it, Keanu says: “It still fits. Jenson was very generous with his time and with his thoughts.”

“He shared a story with us and the impact that had on him. How it drove him.”

Button became the tenth Brit to win the championship by beating Sebastian Vettel for the title in 2009. Looking back, he explained that the memories of his victory still live with him to this day.

“What I love about this is how in-depth these guys have gone and how much they know about the project and that exciting year. It’s 13 years ago. I think about winning the world championship quite often.”

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