NewJeans’ Danielle Is Going Viral For Her Flawless Photos And Small Face In Raw Photos Taken By Fans – Elite News

NewJeansDaniela recently attended BurberryThe pop-up store of Seoul’s “Alpine” outerwear line. With part of the beautiful collection, Danielle’s fantastic photos quickly went viral for stunning personal photos of her.

Netizens were shocked to see her unedited photos that showed her true beauty in real life!

Even through raw photos taken on a fan’s phone camera, her beauty shines brighter than ever. Specifically, netizens raved about her doll-like proportions and her small face and head, a symbol of beauty in Korea.

Whenever someone sees Danielle in real life, they always talk about how small her head is and even in the idol industry, her face looks the size of a fist.

– Network user

Watching videos of her from the event, her model aura is evident even though she is only a rookie idol.

I’ve seen NewJeans in real life and Danielle has the smallest head I’ve had since I can remember her as a doll.

– Network user

Photojournalism is known for publishing raw photos that often reveal the true appearance of a celebrity. Danielle’s crazy beauty is strong in the photos below!

Danielle is a visual queen!

Author: Amit Chouhan

With over 2 years of experience in the field of journalism, Amit Chouhan heads the editorial operations of the Elite News as the Executive News Writer.

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