Nicole Richie Posts Halloween Throwback With Paris Hilton

Simpler times.

Nicole Richie posted a festive snapshot of a long-ago Halloween celebrated during her elementary school days with Paris Hilton, revealing the childhood besties dressed in matching fairy costumes.

“Happy Halloween,” he captioned the post simply.

Hilton quickly commented on Richie’s Instagram: “? ??‍♀️??‍♀️ Sana saa! I love you Bill?,” repeating the rallying cry coined by the two friends that could often be heard on episodes of their previous reality show “The Simple Life.”

The hotel heiress, 41, also re-shared the photo on her Instagram Stories, annotating the image with fairy emojis.

The dynamic duo of friends attended the elite Buckley School in Los Angeles together, beginning as kindergarteners in 1986 before each eventually transferred elsewhere upon reaching high school.

Commenters on Richie, 41,’s post and other sources point out that the portrait of the young men dressed in pixie costumes was obtained from one of his Buckley-era yearbooks.

While the duo remained close enough to launch their reality series, their friendship imploded in 2005 for reasons rumored, though never confirmed, to have to do with Hilton’s sex tape.

However, the attention drawn to the casual black-and-white shot would suggest that the symbolism of Nicole and Paris’ friendship, crystallized in the pair’s image as innocent children in fairy costumes, resonates more than ever.

“Iconic,” Nicole’s sister Sofia Richie declared in the comments, a sentiment shared by photographer Vijat Mohindra, actor Harry Hill, and musician Clinton Cave among many other fans and admirers.

As one enthusiastically emphasized: “their friendship is so iconic.”

Author: Harshit Bajpai

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