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Pensioner turns neighbor into human fireball with homemade flamethrower

Pensioner turns his neighbor into a human fireball with a homemade flamethrower and shoots a woman in the neck with a harpoon in an argument over an assignment

  • Shocking images show the moment a retiree set a man on fire in Russia
  • A woman was also shot in the neck with a rifle during the dispute.

A retiree shockingly turned his neighbor into a human fireball with a homemade flamethrower, then shot a woman in the neck with a harpoon gun in an argument over an assignment.

Shocking footage taken in Russia captured the moment a man is engulfed in flames as he tries to calm the retiree in a dispute over claims he had illegal cable running from an underground power center to steal electricity.

As the young man approaches him to defuse the situation, he attempts to take what appears to be a fire extinguisher from his neighbor’s hands.

However, to his surprise, it is actually a homemade flamethrower that transforms the man into a walking hell, leaving the viewers completely shocked.

An elderly woman standing next to him narrowly avoids the same fate when an open door prevents the flames from engulfing her as well as she films the altercation.

As the man staggers back wildly in an attempt to put out the fire, others crowd around him trying to help him as filming comes to a close.

This Is The Horrifying Moment A Senior Citizen Turns His Neighbor Into A Human Fireball With A Homemade Flamethrower

This Is The Horrifying Moment A Senior Citizen Turns His Neighbor Into A Human Fireball With A Homemade Flamethrower

The young man tries to take the flamethrower away from the retiree

The man was left with horrible burns.

The younger man appears to be trying to take the retiree’s flamethrower away (left), but it is set on fire, leaving him horribly burned (right).

The terrifying incident is understood to have taken place in Trudovoye, a village in the Primorsky Krai region of the Russian Far East, near Vladivostok.

Surprisingly, the dispute does not end there. A second video shows a woman, the head of the local allocation society named only as Nina, with an arrow through her neck.

The arrow, supposedly from a harpoon, pierced his neck but miraculously missed, causing fatal damage.

As she stands there in complete shock, the man who had been set on fire appears to be severely injured, with burned skin peeling off his body.

Local media reported that the rifle had been fired by the retiree while the woman had her back to him.

A witness told local media: “In the confusion, the attacker approached the president of the garden allotment association with a harpoon from behind and shot her in the back.

A man tries to help the injured woman

She was in complete shock.

A second video showed the head of the local awarding society named only as Nina with an arrow coming out of her neck. According to reports, she was shot from a rifle

‘When they saw this, they screamed, and her husband, who was standing nearby, tried to save his wife.

“At that moment, the attacker fired and pierced the woman’s neck with an arrow from one side to the other.”

The pensioner was reportedly thrown to the ground by onlookers after trying to return to his home before being handed over to the police.

Paramedics took both victims to the hospital in an ambulance.

The flamethrower victim is said to have severe burns over 60 per cent of her body and a fundraiser has been launched to help with the costs of her treatment.

Local media report that Nina underwent surgery to remove the arrow and is conscious and talking to police. She is expected to be released from the hospital this week.

Police are understood to have opened an attempted murder investigation.

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