Prince Andrew seen riding around the Royal Lodge

Equine therapy isn’t doing much for Prince Andrew, who was joylessly photographed riding a horse earlier this week.

The disgraced royal wore a navy coat, gray turtleneck, helmet and comically large frown as she jogged through Royal Lodge on Saturday, where she lives with ex Sarah Ferguson.

Some six weeks after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, on September 8, Andrew has become a “virtual recluse”, according to a report.

Prince Andrew takes a walk in Windsor

Prince Andrew walks around Windsor Castle looking less than amused.

Prince Andrew takes a walk in Windsor

The prince has reportedly become a recluse.

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“I ended up leaving the show. I was so…

prince andrew royal lodge
A miserable looking Prince Andrew in a car at the Royal Lodge.

The 62-year-old’s rare afternoon outing came about a week after his former friend, convicted Jeffrey Epstein’s Mrs. Ghislaine Maxwell, gave a series of jailhouse interviews, including one in which he said he feels “so wrong” for his “dear”. friend” Prince Andrew.

Maxwell called out the fact that famous friends have been hurt and “cancelled” by their association with her and her late pedophile friend Epstein.

“I accept that this friendship could not survive my conviction,” Maxwell said. “He is paying a very high price for the association with Jeffrey Epstein. I consider him a dear friend. I worry about him and I feel really bad for him.”

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