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Princess peach
Image: via Twitter (@MarioBrothBlog)

While we hope that Princess Peach will look the same as always in the upcoming movie, her design over the years hasn’t always been consistent. As the Supper Mario Broth social media blog recently highlighted, there was a time in history when the princess basically didn’t look like her modern counterpart.

These images are taken from what appears to be an “officially licensed” Japanese picture book dating from January 1986. While not a bad design at all, if Mario and company weren’t in the picture, they might not even be in the picture. you can say she is a princess from the Super Mario series.

If this makes you wonder what Peach will look like in the The movie Super Mario Bros., there was allegedly a recent leak by an Australian McDonald’s employee. The good news is that Peach “looks a lot like his appearance in the video games” according to these reports.

What do you think of Peach’s appearance in the picture book above? Would you like to see her with a makeover in the future or are you happy with her current design? Leave your thoughts below.

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