Roman Reigns Addresses Whether Potential The Rock Match Affects His WWE Booking

Roman Reigns Addresses Whether Potential The Rock Match Affects His WWE Booking

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is busy dominating Hollywood these days. However, it’s long been speculated that he will return to WWE for one last “WrestleMania” match against his real-life cousin, Roman Reigns. It remains to be seen if Johnson will be able to get out of his Hollywood commitments to lace up his boots one more time, but the prospective match hasn’t factored into Reigns’ WWE booking as of this writing.”If it works out then I’m ready,” Reigns revealed during a recent interview with the “Impaulsive” podcast. “It seems like it’s been that way — all the big names, all the big stars, whether from our business, from the movies to the internet now… I’ve been in a very cool groove where these things have kinda just come to me. Hopefully [WWE] will just continue to do that.”

Of course, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for a match between Reigns and Johnson as the latter’s schedule might now allow it. Recent backstage updates on Rock vs. Reigns suggested that the former superstar will also be focused on relaunching the XFL in the coming months, as it’s set to begin in February 2023. The good news, however, is that Johnson hasn’t ruled out having a match with his cousin down the line. 
During the “Impaulsive” interview, Reigns also discussed his admiration for Johnson and said that he’d like his career to follow a similar trajectory. At the same time, he isn’t sure if he can reach the same heights as the Hollywood A-lister. “If I can push myself to reach levels close to that, I think I’m doing alright.”

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