‘Rosaline’ review: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ gets a rewrite with Kaitlyn Dever as a star-crossed cousin Trending News Team Trending News TeamOctober 14, 2022

Tapping into the twin markets of a) rom-com lovers and b) recovering English majors, “Roslyn” promotes a fleetingly mentioned “Romeo and Juliet” character front and center, Then builds a very clever and engaging film around him. The result is a welcome starring showcase for Caitlyn Dever, who is more likely to prosper in Hulu’s Hamlet than perform in the theaters’ province.

For those who were a little rusty on Shakespeare, Romeo was actually the whole star-crossed lovers thing before he met for Juliet’s cousin and set in motion. Here, we find the unarmed modern Rosalyn (Dever) hanging out with Romeo (Kyle Allen), while her frustrated father (Bradley Whitford) tries to arrange a wedding for her, which she relentlessly opposes. Does what looks like another new period of streaming. The movie, Amazon’s “Katherine Called Birdie.”

After blind dates with a series of old men and losers, Roslyn is introduced to a dashing figure in Daario (Sean Teale), but in classic rom-com fashion she immediately dislikes him, mostly because she is Not the guy she apparently wants.

When their mingling prevents him from attending a party, the impeccable Romeo falls in love with the visiting Juliet (Isabella Merced). Wounded, Roslyn begins planning how she can win him back, while she pretends to be helpful to her wide-eyed cousin, asking her to “play the field” and “sample at the buffet of life”. encourages.

Directed by Karen Main, Scott Neistater and Michael H. The screenplay by Weber (“500 Days of Summer”) took Rebecca Cerley’s 2013 novel, contemporary Roslyn’s story, and placed it back in Shakespeare’s time. Beyond Roslyn’s shift in perspective, which may explain why the film feels so contemporary, clever use of a lot of popular songs to set the mood and cheeky tone, whether it’s “This Will Be (n Everlasting Love)” or “I love”. This.”

Playing with Shakespeare in general, and “Romeo and Juliet” in particular, has so far been a well-worn approach, including in the short-lived ABC series “Still Star-Crossed”. Still, the real foundation is to cast Dever (who’s been good at many things, including “Booksmart,” “Dopesic” and “Unbelievable”) as a fully modern hero and Teal’s Daario as that kind of companion. contained in. Inspire him to rethink this whole Romeo infatuation.

There are other nifty touches worked into the film (a tribute to “The Graduate”, for example), as well as smart casting that allows Minnie Driver to put an irrevocable stamp on the usually thankless role of the nurse (now a Lodged take care). Plus, the pacing moves at such a brisk pace that the joy doesn’t overwhelm its welcome.

Hulu has become what feels like a haven for midscale movies that parents Disney really don’t know how to handle, including most recently a pair of female-dominated action vehicles, “The Princess.” and “Pre”, representing the latest installment of the latter. “Predator” franchise.

Granted, the direct-to-streaming route appears to limit the opportunities and rewards of these types of fares; Still, judging by the choices those faced with something like “Rosaline, ‘seeing their lights go out on the TV’ it’s better to never make them.

“Roseline” will premiere on October 14 on Hulu in the US, Star+ in Latin America, and Disney+ in other regions.

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