Ted Kravitz branded ‘scapegoat’ for Max Verstappen, RB criticizes press: PlanetF1

Dutch reporter Jack Plooij has defended Ted Kravitz, who claims he sent him a message to declare his innocence on the Sky Sports-Max Verstappen series.

Verstappen refused to give interviews to Sky Sports following his Red Bull team’s 14th win of the season in Mexico after the Dutchman revealed he felt disrespected by a certain person working with the broadcaster.

The person in question was believed to be Kravitz, who on his Ted’s Notebook show in Austin spoke of Lewis Hamilton being “robbed” of the 2021 world title – an honor that went to Verstappen, who crashed on the last lap and completed a pass to the final. British.

He also suggested “what a script” it would have been if Hamilton had beaten Verstappen at the Circuit of the Americas.

And while speaking on Dutch broadcaster Ziggo Sport, according to The Express, Plooij revealed that Kravitz had sent him a message, insisting that he had not said what Verstappen, his staff and Red Bull believed, explaining his discomfort.

Plooij argued that Kravitz’s words were taken out of context and that the British media were using him as a “scapegoat” for prejudice against Verstappen and Red Bull.

“I talked to Ted this morning,” Plooij said. “If you listen closely to this interview, he walks around the paddock and says it would make a very good script for a movie.

“So cuts were made so everyone only gets the last part where it tells us it was ‘stolen.’ Not Max, but the title. So they robbed Hamilton. It doesn’t even mention Max Verstappen’s full name.

“He sent me a WhatsApp [saying]:: “I never said what Christian Horner, Jos [Verstappen]Raymond [Vermeulen, Verstappen’s manager] or someone thinks I did and seems upset about it.’

“It is being reinforced tremendously by those in England. The English press has been complaining about Red Bull and Max for a year. I don’t like it. It’s a bit like a game, you know.

“The English are attacking Max and Red Bull and now they are making him the scapegoat. he’s not the one I stand for Ted.”

The Verstappen-Red Bull boycott of Sky Sports will not be a permanent affair as team boss Horner has announced that both the driver and the team will stop working with the media with the broadcaster of the upcoming Grand Prix of Sao Paulo, Round 21 of 22 in the 2022 season, will resume.

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