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For a brief moment, the Lakers looked like a competent 3-point shooting team on Sunday afternoon. An absolute barrage of 3-pointers in the third quarter, five to be exact, had the Lakers dreaming of becoming a reincarnated version of the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors.

However, it was nothing more than a mirage, as the Lakers shot 1-20 in the other three quarters against the Blazers, a key factor in their loss. The Lakers have been poor in their first three games of the season from range. Preferably historically bad.

After the game, ESPN Stats & Info shared the following stats that really put into context just how bad this streak has been.

Just one look at the Lakers’ individual shooting percentages shows how bleak the picture is. Technically, Matt Ryan is the leading 3-point shooter at 40%, although he has only made five 3-pointers total and was not in Sunday’s game.

After him, it’s a steep drop to the best shooter on the team with decent volume in Austin Reaves, who shoots…28.6%. LeBron James has taken by far the most attempts with nine per. matches and shoots in second place with an amazing 25.9%.

Kendrick Nunn, Patrick Beverley, Anthony Davis and Lonnie Walker IV are averaging more than three attempts per game. match and shoot 23.1%, 21.4%, 20% and 17.6% respectively. And then there’s Russell Westbrook, who is shooting 8.3% on 12 attempts (for math wimps, that’s a mark).

The Lakers will not be East poor 3-point shooting this season. According to Cleaning the Glass, the Lakers’ effective field goal percentage, essentially an approximation of what a team would shoot based on their shooting profile, is fourth-best in the league at 54.8%. The problem is that the Lakers are last in true effective field goal percentage so far.

It is not certain where they will ultimately qualify, as they will not be a good 3-point team this season. Even the teams’ average shots might be enough to make them competitive most nights. But given his start, that might be an unreasonable question.

Author: Angad Kumar Sharma

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