This Dogs Best Friends Are Eight Birds and a Hamster

Most dogs are good boys (and girls).But Bob the Golden Retriever took it a whole new level. His friendliness is like a magnet that attracts all kinds of creatures to him from all angles. That’s exactly how he has managed to have his bird and hamster buddies always by his side at all times, giving him all the love in the world. Any normal kind of person would hypothetically think that this situation is impossible, but the reality is the exact opposite because, despite all their differences, they’re still BFFs.

This adorable little family is very popular on Instagram with over 200,000 followers, where their owner, Luiz manages to capture the most perfect moments featuring the whole squad.

The family was initially consisted of Four-Month-Old Bob and Luiz Higa Junior, and the six birds and hamster eventually ended up joining.

According to Luiz, they’ve always been on their best behavior since it all started.

Bob spends so much time with his buddies that he probably thinks that he’s one of them

Pure happiness and joy

Bob is always ecstatic when he’s hanging out with his buddies, and it’s always clearly visible on his face.

Naps are one of the main activities they do together.

The friendliness is clearly mutual between all of them and is not just exclusive to Bob.

He protects them most of the time, and always will

Naps are universal, you just need a find a napping buddy.

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