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Todd Chrisley is doing his best to stay hopeful.

On Tuesday, the USA Network personality turned himself in to authorities to begin a prison sentence of more than 10 years.

He and his wife Julie were convicted last summer of multiple types of financial fraud, with the former subsequently ordered to serve 12 years behind federal bars… and the latter seven years.

However, the reality stars have insisted on their innocence all along, claiming as soon as they were arrested that a former business associate set them up.

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In the latest episode of the Chrisley Confessions podcast, which was recorded before he and Julie reported to prison, the Chrisley Knows Best star delved into his hopes for some kind of redemption.

“The legal system, which we have never been a part of until now, is a very complex system that we are still learning and we don’t know, which is why we have all these lawyers working for us,” he explained. Todd in the air.

“You just have to hope and pray to God that when one division of the judicial system fails, the next level, which is the appellate court, sees the mistakes and tries to correct them.”

In fact, the couple’s legal team filed an appeal last year as soon as the jury reached its guilty verdict.

Todd and Julie Chrisley are GUILTY. As a result, they will spend many years in prison.

How likely is it that this appeal will be successful?

“You have to put your faith in God and expect God to lift you up and push you forward,” Todd continued on the podcast. “And that’s what we’re doing right now.”

The rich, spoiled and entitled convict added that “there are many more people who face much worse things than we face.”

Still, he believes that what they are ultimately going through not latest.

Todd Chrisley doesn’t seem like an ethical person. That’s just our opinion, of course.

“I think that’s why I’m in a better place with it, because I know this is not my final destination,” Todd said.

“I know that may be my future for a minute, but I also have faith that the judicial system is going to reverse it.

“I also have faith that the appeals court will see this for what it is.

“We have intentionally not discussed the case because we have been asked not to. We’re going to let our lawyers talk about it.”

Todd Chrisley, close up
Todd Chrisley seems like a pretty terrible person. That’s all we have to say in this caption.

Todd and Julie, who have been married since 1996, were embroiled in a weeks-long trial that ended in June when they were convicted of tax evasion, bank fraud and conspiracy to defraud the IRS.

Prosecutors alleged at the time that the wealthy reality stars used forged documents to obtain $30 million in bank loans … and then defaulted on more than $20 million in debt when Todd Chrisley filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

They also hid millions of dollars from the IRS that they had earned from the aforementioned program.

Todd reported Tuesday at the Pensacola Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola, Florida.

That same day, Julie entered the Marianna federal prison camp, a Kentucky facility that is two and a half hours from where her husband will serve his term.

Todd and Julie Chrisley in 2019
Todd and Julie Chrisley are pictured here in 2019. They have been found guilty of tax evasion.

Like her dishonest husband, Julie is also hopeful that the couple will receive justice in due time.

“We believe that this test will become a testimonial,” the 50-year-old said on the podcast.

“We believe there is a purpose to this pain and we don’t believe this is the end of the road for us, who are just beginning to scratch the surface of God’s will for our lives.

“We appreciate every person who listens to our podcast. We just thank you for that and thank you for your prayers.”

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