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On Tuesday, November 1, Little People, Big World kicked off its final season of new episodes.

But a couple of recent comments and rumors surrounding a couple of main cast members have now left fans wondering:

Could this also be the last season of the long-running reality show?

Tori and Zach look worried and downtrodden in this confessional scene from Little People, Big World.

First, as you may have heard, Caryn Chandler may be done with the series after this batch of ongoing installments.

According to an insider on the show, Chandler is fed up with all the infighting between the Roloffs, stemming from her boyfriend’s attempts this spring and summer to sell his farm in Oregon.

“Matt really wants another season but Caryn is done,” a source told The Sun this week, adding:

“She thinks there’s too much disagreement with what they want to say and do on air, and too much family drama. She feels that she is the one who is always caught in the middle trying to mediate.”

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler are out and about having some fun in this photo.

Now, meanwhile, Tori Roloff responded in terrifying fashion to a question from one of her followers during an Instagram Live Q&A on Wednesday.

“Will one day stop filming? this person asked, prompting a very simple, one-word response from Tori:


She did not provide a timeline or say anything else at the time.

Zach and Tori Roloff are all smiles in this promotional photo for the new episodes of Little People, Big World.

But there is significant tension between Tori, her husband Zach, and Tori’s father-in-law, Matt.

The latter claimed in May that he offered Zach a deal on the farm before putting it on the market, an accusation to which Zach seemed to make a BIG exception.

In an Instagram comment at the time, Zach said that Matt was not “taking responsibility for his own actions and blaming others.”

“[My father is] dragging the family drama that he created and then [manipulating] the fan base to come out well,” Zach concluded.

“This post is a shocking new low of cowardice and manipulation of his family and children for his own benefit.”

Zach Roloff looks sullen
Photo via TLC

Fast-forward to the November 1 season premiere and Zach declares the following through a confessional:

“For a long time, Tori and I have gone back and forth on whether we should buy the farm. So, Tori and I met up with my dad and Caryn. [Chandler] to talk about our offer…”

How did it go?

Not very well, in Matt’s opinion.

“When Zach and I finally sat down, we were really in very different camps on what kind of deal could go through,” Matt said. “Zach arrived very hot. He did not enter to negotiate. He came in to demand.”

Matt and Zach Roloff on air
Matt and Zach Roloff don’t get along in 2022. They have clashed over the future of the family farm.

Zach and Tori finally bought a house in Washington in late 2021…while their father decided to put the family farm, including their old family home, on the market.

However, after months of no movement, Matt delisted several days ago and is in the process of turning the house into a vacation rental.

For Tori’s part, her comment this week marked the first time she’s said in public that she may very well be leaving Little People, Big World in the near future.

Interview with Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff
Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff appear here in a 2022 episode of Little People, Big World.

Way back in 2019, during an appearance on the Audrey and Jeremy Roloff podcast, he had this to say when asked about staying on the show:

“For Zach and I, it’s still fun for us, we still enjoy sharing our story with other people.

“The moment it pressurizes and becomes something bigger than it is, you really have to stop and think about what’s best for our family, and right now it’s fun for us.”

That was back then, though.

Now? Tori is obviously having a lot of fun these days.



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