Usman Umar breaks the news to Kimberly Menzies: You’ll have to be wife #2!

As we saw in last weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?Kimberly Menzies met Usman Umar’s mom.

His mother was not impressed. And her disdain was evident even across the language barrier.

Now, Usman has to break the news to Kimberly about her mother’s demands.

She insists that he marry a young Hausa girl to have children before marrying Kimberly. That’s impossible.

What People Reportedly, Season 7 Episode 9, Sunday’s episode, will show Usman Umar breaking the news to his love.

She already knew that things were not going well.

Usman’s mother’s disdain was obvious.

Oh, and even Kimberly’s gift of a cow was not well received.

The family accused her of trying to “bribe” them.

This doesn’t sound like a cultural misunderstanding. It sounds like a family that had already made up their minds to disapprove of Kimberly. No gift could change that.

But Usman has to tell Kimberly that the grueling family reunion wasn’t worth it.

Usman has to tell Kimberly that her mother insists that he marry another woman first.

As we know, Kimberly wants to be the first wife, not the second, and certainly not on an equal footing.

Usman admitted that things turned out worse than he had imagined.

“I was thinking that would touch them,” Usman admits on camera, referring to Kimberly’s concessions.

After all, few American women (relatively speaking) would be willing to accept a second wife.

“But they just turned it upside down,” he laments.

Usman warns Kimberly that he cannot defy his mother’s order to marry a Hausa woman first.

“What I’m saying is that we have a certain culture here that you can never go against,” he says.

Usman quickly states, “But I hope you’ve seen how much I love you.”

“And you know how my mom is to me,” explains Usman. “You know how I see my mom.”

Then he details: “I think that after God, I see my mother as a second God for me.”

That is certainly a difficult task.

And with that, he tells Kimberly that he will have to marry another woman first.

“Then it’s over,” says Kim.

“I’m not going to be the second wife,” she reminds him. “I can’t. I can’t afford to be like this.”

Kimberly states that she respects her mother, but there are lines she won’t cross.

“I won’t be second to anyone at anything,” she says.

Simply put, this is a deal breaker.

“It’s like her mom is giving me a commitment, but I can’t make any more exceptions,” Kimberly shares.

This, he reasons, is “because now I have exactly what I want: his love.”

Kimberly then continues, “I feel like the love he has for me now will change with that.”

“Getting the title of first wife is very important to me because in previous relationships, I was always second,” she tells the camera.

“Always. They always pushed me aside,” Kimberly remembers.

“And,” he emphasizes, “I’m not going to let that happen to me again.”

“I don’t care if he came here and proposed to me right now with the biggest diamond in the world,” Kimberly says.

I am not your second. I am sorry. I do not can. I know my worth,” she concludes.

Well, something has to give. Who will give in first?

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