Vin Diesel treats the Fast and Furious films similarly to DnD

Vin Diesel treats the Fast and Furious films similarly to DnD

With connected character arcs, intricate mythology, and directors, writers, and producers functioning as Dungeon Masters, the best action movie franchises resemble tabletop RPGs. Michelle Rodriguez, who seized the opportunity to emphasize how much Vin Diesel loves Dungeons & Dragons, claimed that this is pretty much how the Fast and Furious films are produced.

She referred to him as a “Dungeon Master” while promoting Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves to Entertainment Weekly. “If you ever looked at his closet, he has everything a Dungeons and Dragons fiend would need.” Diesel is a well-known DnD aficionado who often attends live streaming of the game and other related events.

According to Rodriguez, it permeates all area of his life, including his work as a director. She claims that “he uses a lot of his Dungeon Master tactics” when creating and producing films. Diesel himself has previously compared the creation of Fast and Furious’ lore to a D&D campaign in an Instagram post. Sincerely, this just makes us long for a unique campaign guide for living life one quarter mile at a time.

All of this raises anticipation for Fast and Furious 10, the first in a two-part series that concludes the mainline movie. Fast 9 saw the return of several veteran Fast and Furious characters, spreading out the group for this final, epic stand-off.

See, when you say it out loud, it all sounds like D&D, doesn’t it? Cypher, a cyberterrorist, played by Charlize Theron, is the antagonist. Any given Fast movie is largely made up of the characters talking to and rallying behind one another to find the greatest answer to a problem. Everybody has a unique set of skills, sometimes even down to their preferred cars.

We’re not saying this is one to one, but there is more DnD impact than you may anticipate. While Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, the newest live-action DnD film, debuts on March 3, 2023, Fast & Furious 10 hits theaters on May 19, 2023.

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