WEi Covers MONSTA X’s “Love Killa” On “Weekly Idol” Soompi

WEi showed off his dancing skills with a powerful version of MONSTA X on “Weekly Idol”!

The group appeared as guests on the October 26 episode of MBC variety show Every 1, performing their new title track “Spray” and playing various games with the MCs. For the show’s signature segment, “Weekly Playlist,” WEi chose to perform a dance version of MONSTA X’s 2020 hit “Love Killa.”

Yoo Yong Ha explained, “I am famous for being a successful Monbebe. [MONSTA X fan],” and one of his bandmates chimed in, “His nickname is Yongbebe.”

“I really always wanted to cover this song,” Yoo Yong Ha continued, “so when the members chose a song to cover, I suggested this song as my first choice.”

Kim Dong Han continued to share it because Yoo Yong Ha knew the song very well, “Yong Ha even chose almost all of our parts for us.” Jang Dae Hyeon agreed, “For example, I would say [to one of us], ‘I think you would be best suited for this particular role.’ Since he really is a Yongbebe [and knows what he’s talking about].”

Check out WEi’s version of “Love Killa” as well as her performance of her own title track “Spray” below!


Watch the full episode of “Weekly Idol” with English subtitles here:

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