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The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s look at the nation of Wakanda and its culture has been shown to be separate, but removed from the rest of the world. In this way, it shows how magnificent the history of the country is and how important concepts such as family and honor are. This was best demonstrated in 2016 Black Panther and solidified with the iconic line “show ’em who you are!” The film not only had a lot to prove in the literal sense, but also set a precedent. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever would expand further.

While other MCU franchises like Thor Y Captain America use their own themes of honor and do the right thing. The Black Panther franchise has spoken on a much deeper level to audiences, which has helped resonate with many over the years. Although it is no secret that the death of Chadwick Boseman had a great impact Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s story, the changes show how his character changed things in the MCU and offered a powerful development as seen in a change of this famous line.

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Black Panther was an inside story

Black Panther was a movie set primarily in Wakanda and centered around T’Challa. Instead of seeing this new king adjust to his role and adjust to some minor changes in the nation’s status quo, T’Challa changed things on a grand scale. Through his journey, the audience saw how he brought Wakanda out of the shadows and aimed to make the country an example of greatness for all. By extension, he also represented how he wanted to present himself and his desire to show the world who he was and what kind of king he wanted to be.

This was first established during the waterfall battle against M’Baku, where the Jabari leader had T’Challa on the ropes. In that case, his mother, Queen Ramonda, called T’Challa to show M’Baku who he was. At that time, she mustered the strength for it and defeated him. In its center, Black Panther it was an introspective movie about how T’Challa showed the world who he was and how he could change things for the better. As a result, choosing him became a standard that Wakanda continued even after his passing.

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Wakanda Forever changes this meaning on a larger scale

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever He will carry on T’Challa’s legacy, but must deal with the consequences of a divided nation without a ruler. Because of this, the time has opened for Namor to attempt to overthrow the surface world, starting with Wakanda. Though the fight has found the proud nation, Ramonda’s words will once again inspire those who wish to fight against the oceanic ruler. Whether talking to the film’s many heroes, the nation, or just Shuri, Ramonda utters the line “show them who we are” as a way of subverting the line from the first film and setting a new standard.

Wakanda will have much to prove when Namor attacks, and those who fight for their nation will face a painful battle without a king. Ramonda’s words will likely ring a bell with all who hear them, as it is now up to a nation and its protectors to remind all those who defy them why calling Wakanda is a bad idea. On a deeper level, what was once an introspective line has taken on greater meaning for Shuri. Now older, she will have to show the world who she is as royalty and as someone who must carry the weight of a nation on her shoulders, whether she is the new Black Panther or not.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hits theaters on November 11, 2022.

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