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Tears streaking her face, Emma Steffon gets out of her car and the video camera on her mobile phone switches to recording.

“Ladies, you are going to like this one”, Steffon it says on the lens.

Walking from her car, she films herself before changing the camera angle to focus on a young man in a red T-shirt and blue jeans standing outside a building.

His attention is focused on his cell phone and he only looks up when Steffon approaches.

“Who is Jenna?” Steffon roars at him. His words shock him into silence.

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Emma Steffon confronts her now ex-boyfriend over allegations of infidelity.
Emma Steffon confronts her now ex-boyfriend over allegations of infidelity. (EmSteffon/TikTok)

“Who is Jenna from Bowling Green?” Steffon asks again. “What did you do with her?”

Without an answer, she moves on.

“Jenna?” she says, before the man quietly asks if she wants to come into the building. Steffon declines the request.

“No,” she says. “(Jenna) sent me everything today. What happened? You want to tell me?”

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After a brief pause, the young man declines. “No, ah,” he starts before Steffon cuts him off.

“I’m not betting. I’m not gambling. It’s okay,” she says, laughing.

The video that was posted on Steffon’s personal TikTok count as of the end of October, has been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

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In a follow-up video posted last week, Steffon reveals that the man she confronted is her now ex-boyfriend.

He was her first boyfriend in high school and they were saving up to buy a house together.

Since then, Steffon has found solace in the more than 300,000 comments on her video.

“Girl as it is, you deserve better,” wrote another.

“Uhhh. I think you can file this relationship as a tax deduction because it was CHARITY you did baby,” wrote another.

“Her attitude gives off a lot of ‘it’s not a bag, it’s a bag,’” wrote another.

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